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Experience The Real New York

Fitness Tours of New York offers you a unique experience that most tourists will never get. You will be on the same sidewalks and in the same parks as the natives, traveling through New York as if you lived there a lifetime. What will be different is the feeling you get seeing the breath taking views and iconic symbols that call New York home. However, these are Fitness tours so be ready to sweat as you learn the rich history and marvel at the beautiful sites that makes New York one of the greatest cities on earth.



Ready for some fun?  The Footbike was created in Finland, they have made their way to America and now New York. We offer you a chance to experience this new form of transportation that is low impact but burns lots of calories.   Learn More



This  tour offerers you the opportunity to cross  both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.  You will see some of  the most amazing views of New York City. Including  the upper harbor, Wall Street, South Street, and of course Lady Liberty. High endurance fitness is required for this tour. Learn More

Private Footbiking Tour


From cooperate team building to competitive outdoor adventuring amongst friends, our Private Foot Biking Tours offer you the opportunity to customize both an adventurous and memorable three-hour tour. Learn More



This challenge is designed to push you, it takes hard work to be the best. We know that here in New York, now it is time to prove it to yourself. Remember if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. On this tour we take you to the edge of Manhattan and push your body to the limits. Learn More



Want to learn about fitness and take your training to the next level? How about doing this while seeing the beautiful sites that New York has to offer? Well then, this tour is for you. Witness the sweeping views from the Hudson River Park as we introduce you to a unique and time efficient way of training.  Learn More



Mornings in New York are like everything else here, fast paced. So join us on an energizing power walk through the famous Battery Park. Where you will see and learn about the significant landmarks that give New York its beautifully diverse culture. Learn More


The best thing about fitness tours of NY workout is that it's not an ordinary run of the mill workout. It's fun, you see great NY sights and learn a little bit about the history of NY. It is a great cardio workout and you definitely feel it in your legs and core and butt area. Ray is a great motivator and maintains a great pace (even as slow as I was the first time I did it, he encouraged me the entire time). I have an awesome time every time I go. And it keeps me wanting to come back again and again which is something my ordinary gym workout doesn't do.

Adriana Dimicelli, Tour Participant


It makes you feel like a native New Yorker whether you are from there or not. It's a fun, safe, and proactive way to stay or get in shape, while learning fun facts about the city that never sleeps.

Michael Feeks, Tour Participant